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News and updates for December 28, 2010

Since AOL Hometown is long gone, I've moved my site to my own domain of http://www.victarfanfics.com, where it's going to stay. Please update your bookmarks.

I've removed the extra pages of trivia about games that no one plays anymore. This is a straight fanfic archive now. I am retired from writing fanfiction, so updates to this site will be extremely rare.

If you haven't been to RPGamer, and you have any love for RPGs at all, check it out! They even have coverage of tiny Indie RPGs like Aphelion Episode 1: Graves of Earth and Episode 2: Wings of Omega.

NEW! Roughly the 15 years after I began Ashes of the Phoenix, I've created retrospective chapter notes. I humbly offer them to anyone who wants to learn a little more about how I created the novel, and what literary (and pop culture) works inspired me.

NEW! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of completing Phoenix Reborn, I'm making public the month-by-month chapter notes that I once dashed off and emailed to a select few pre-readers. Want a glimpse of the creative process? Or a tour of all the myriad hidden video game secrets within the story? Enjoy.


Got a question? Interested in exchanging links? Just want to talk? Then send me email at VCTR113062 [at] AOL [dot] COM. You can also find my video game FAQs and reviews on GameFAQs, under the name Victar.

Victar's MK fanfics - here are my assorted Mortal Kombat short stories and novellas. These stories mostly feature characters from MK1 and MK2. They all take place in the same continuity as and chronologically prior to Ashes of the Phoenix and Phoenix Reborn.

Ashes of the Phoenix is my completed Tekken 2/Mortal Kombat 3 novel. I've added NEW retrospective chapter notes reflecting upon its creation.

Phoenix Reborn is the sequel, my completed Tekken 3/Soul Edge epic saga, featuring an illustration of Guardian Lee by Kitana, and the NEW addition of chapter notes chronicling its creation.

Become Her Servant - is my Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door fanfiction.

Miscellaneous - here are my Cammy short story, my Old Shame of an E. Honda story, and other miscellany.

Links - I take pride in the webcomic list, selected especially for quality - only the best time-wasters for slacking off work are here!

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